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Code of Conduct for Lawn Tennis

  1. If 4 players are playing and two members get loose the game then they will give the chance two other members.Incase if there is one member in waiting then there will be toss between the two loser for playing with new members.
  2. Beginners can’t play in court A but if there are no players then they can play.
  3. Tennis coach is bound to train the children for three days and timing will be 07:00pm to 09:00pm and no member will disturb or get objection to Tennis coach in this timing.
  4. Every member will bring his own Racket and he will not authorize to use the racket for any member.If he use others,member racket and racket is broken,one must have to pay the actual price of racket.
  5. If the member’s guest is playing in court A and on arriving the member he will promptly complete his set and give chance to play the member.
  6. If any problem is found in court and decisions need to be done,coach or convener of committee will be the final Authority
  1. No other game but tennis is allowed on court.
  2. Non members are allowed only with member as guest.
  3. No food is allowed on court.
  4. Mobile phones must be silent if taken on court.
  5. Only recognized tennis clothing is acceptable on court.To ensure the court surface are not damaged,players must wear appropriate tennis footwear with flat,noon-marking soles.
  6. Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language ,temper and punctuality.
  7. Free courts may be used by any member,but if there are senior members waiting for a court on which they have priority,for court “A” they may ask those on court to vacate the court. Member asking players to vacate a court over which they have priority should act reasonably and courteously when requesting the court and,similarly,players asked to vacate a court under priority rules should do so equally courteously.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.


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